Logbooks – Diari di bordo

Chris Meyer

What is a logbook?

A logbook (diario di bordo) is the recording of a learning experience on their protagonists’ part (teachers and students). As it is about the process work that the project involves, it represents a way of reflecting on the learning practice on teachers’ and students part. It is a way of  questioning and constantly reviewing one’s practices. Each school can log their experience and collect information, tasks and useful material so that every member of the school network will be able to exchange info and be briefed on the state of the project.

What a logbook should show:

  • —Partial learning outcomes
  • —Cognitive strategies that have been carried out
  • —Stages in the practice-as-research process
  • —Primary and secondary sources, useful material and documents
  • —Proposed activities
  • Students’ final outcomes
  • —Useful web tools