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Sharing Borders: A Student Festival


Click on the link below to view the festival programme

Watch the slideshow of the event. Enjoy it!

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II B (Liceo Classico)

COSMOPOLI: The World in a City.


Reading a book is knowledge, and what if we read one hundred and more books?  We would get to know the whole world.

This is what the II B class group of high school Liceo Classico “L. da Vinci” in Civitanova Marche did: each of us read a number of books and in the end we collected and mixed every personal experience deducted from them, in order to create a cosmopolitan city born out of the whole world.

As a result of this, we set up a big city where climate, landscape, flora, fauna,  food, music, traditions, language,  costumes, dances, politic, law…  from all over the world are harmoniously blended together. You can visit this wonderful place, feeling at one with nature and humanity, on the brink of eternity.

Click on the image below to flicker through our e-book Cosmòpoli, enjoy it!


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4° E and 4° F (Linguistico)

Liceo "Leopardi" Macerata - March 2016

CLIL Pathways:
1. Geographical Discoveries and Cultural Identities;
2. Measures and Sizes.


slide rete


Here is our powerpoint presentation about Geographical Explorations.



Watch the video of our performance inspired by the reading of the factfile book Marco Polo and the Silk Road

This is the powerpoint presentation of  the other CLIL pathway called “Measures and Sizes”
and inspired by the well-known novel Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.




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2° P (Linguistico) – Geo-History: Migration and Identity

Exploring storytelling…

2° P (Linguistico)


Some examples of authentic documents we studied

Immigration: A 70-year history in two minutes:

We continued our journey by visiting the Museum of Migration in Recanati (Museo dell’Emigrazione, Villa Colloredo Mels, Recanati), on 19 May 2016 –

Find below a photo gallery of images of the museum and a link to the online archive of the museum Centro Internazionale Studi Emigrazione Italiana



Migration and Identities: Forgotten Histories

Storytelling: Group 1 – Simona’s Story

Storytelling: Group 2


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3° P (Linguistico) Art: Clil-ing it up!

From portraits and self-portraits to SELFIES: Ego Update and the Future of Identity in the Digital Age

The two padlets, one after the other, sums up our-CLIL pathway… have a look! There are articles, videos and photographs that show our learning process.



Material from History of Art classes with our teacher Anna Paola Conti.

CLIL activities on portraits and self-potraits n. 1
CLIL activities on portraits and self-potraits n. 2

CLIL classroom on the history of self-photography held by our teacher Chiara Serangeli (Hystory of Art).

Photography workshop on shape, colour and light with our teacher Fabrizio Savi (Plastic Arts).

Self-Portraits and Selfies! We are ready to start! 

Step 1: Modifying portraits and selfies.

Step 2: We are getting better! Our final outcome.


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3° L (Scienze Applicate)

Extensive Reading Impact Study: A Survey


Click on the following link to fill in the question form

Here are the results of our survey presented
at the event Sharing Borders: A Student Festival
on the 31st of  May.

Click on the image below to discover the findings of our impact study that we hope to expand next year.


Activities and Objectives

clil project - Galilei MC